Kristin Trotter

Campus Counsellor


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Kristin holds a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. With 18 years of experience in a variety of counselling settings, Kristin is adept at working with youth, young adults and families experiencing a range of life stressors and mental health concerns.

Within the therapeutic relationship, Kristin strives to create a safe, trusting and compassionate space. Practicing from a client-centered approach, Kristin views individuals as experts in their own lives and sees counselling as a collaborative process of identifying therapeutic goals and experiencing change.

Kristin utilizes a variety of treatment modalities designed to meet each client’s unique needs. She brings cognitive behavioural, solution-focused, relational-cultural, and mindfulness-based approaches into conversations with her clients, while providing tools and skill development necessary to reach one’s fullest potential. In particular, Kristin has a passion for journeying with individuals as they process issues of anxiety, depression, relationships, sexuality, identity, addiction, grief/loss, and stress. Kristin is a sex-positive therapist that is queer competent, kink-aware, and appreciative of all relationship structures.

Kristin believes that following counselling, individuals will feel better about themselves, have new ways of coping with problems and relate to others in new and different ways.

Within the community, Kristin is an active member of Safe ‘n Sound Squamish, promoting understanding, respect, safety and compassion for LBGTQ+ individuals and their families. Kristin is committed to being a visible, supportive and resourceful ally. At play, Kristin loves exploring the great outdoors of Squamish via SUP or hiking with her partner and their two kiddos.

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