Barbara Batista Fernandes

Manager, Student Success


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Barbara Fernandes is a Quest graduate who joined the university as a staff member in 2017, drawn to its close-knit community and active student body. She graduated from a small private high school in Brazil, and felt Quest was the ideal university where she’d be free to pursue her educational passions while being an active member of the community.

Barbara focused her studies on Pedagogy, Culture Studies, Social-Emotional Learning, and Decolonization, while pursuing her Question, “What is the future for education?” Her final project focused on the skillsets students will need to succeed in the future and a combination of frameworks on how to achieve them.

While at Quest, Barbara was a member of the Student Representative Council as the Minister of Internationalization, which allowed her to spend her time outside the classroom representing international students, organizing diverse cultural events, and expanding the legacy and impact of student politics on campus.

During her free time, Barbara enjoys reading, cooking, sports, listening to music and spending time outside. As a member of the Student Life Team, Barbara enthusiastically shares her passion for Quest with incoming students and works towards a more international campus culture.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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