Heather Hendrie

Residence Coordinator

I was called to Quest from Algonquin Park, Ontario, where I worked as a Clinical Counsellor and Wilderness Therapist. Through a year interning in the Quest counselling center I fell in love with the student body and the land upon which Quest sits. I began offering my “walk and talk” counselling sessions on the trail and in the forest. As a result, I have since launched my own private practice in Wilderness Therapy and Clinical Counselling in Squamish. So I leapt at the opportunity to return to Quest to support Student Life and the community as Residence Coordinator in the Red Tusk building.

Prior to becoming a counsellor, I spent 20 years as an environmental educator, social and environmental justice crusader, emcee and on-site tour coordinator (with the Banff Mountain Film Festival), and wilderness and international tour guide through Europe, North America and South America. I moved to Squamish upon completion of my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy program from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. This Buddhist-inspired program informs my mindfulness-based, somatic (body) and nature-based healing modalities.

Prior to my graduate studies, I completed a degree in Kinesiology, specializing in Outdoor Pursuits (awesomely called: ODPU. Yes, that’s pronounced “odd poo”). I’ve consistently been passionate about people and place — I feel extremely lucky to be able to weave these interests together in the woods through my therapy practice. It’s a blessing to be able to accompany people in their “aha” moments.

It’s worth noting that I self-published an illustrated copy of Attacked by Killer Tomatoes at seven years old 😉 and have written prolifically since. I maintain blogs at heatherhendrie.com and truenaturewildernesstherapy.com. Feel free to join in and follow along for the ride – and on campus, please pop by to say hi, I’m excited to get to know you!


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