Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance Program (LEAP)


The Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance Program (LEAP) at Quest University Canada is a unique program structured to accommodate the special needs of accomplished student athletes and performers. High-performance athletes and professional performers are models of passion, determination, and discipline. This program specifically caters to students balancing rigorous academics with the pursuit of their sport or art at a highly competitive level. LEAP students are afforded extra flexibility in housing, billing, and course scheduling, and are eligible to be considered for a LEAP scholarship. Quest realizes the challenge of balancing curricular and co-curricular pursuits and is committed to providing the individual support needed to succeed in both.


At Quest, students study one subject at a time on the Block Plan. In this focused environment, students start and finish a course in one month (18 days of class for a total of 54 contact hours). Courses are available to students during the 8 blocks in the normal Fall and Spring semesters (September – April), while Summer block offerings (May — July) continue to increase. On the block plan, athletes and performers are able to take months off for training or competition without missing a full slate of classes. For example, a snow sports athlete may take courses in the fall, spring and summer months, leaving the winter open to train and compete. A musician may take one month off to record in the studio, missing only one course instead of 4 or 5. LEAP students may take longer to complete a degree, but scheduling conflicts between training and academics can be minimized. LEAP students are allowed up to 4 blocks of independent study courses, which are taken one-on-one with a tutor. LEAP students are given course registration priority, and have the flexibility to drop classes last minute without penalty.


  • 24-hour accessible training gym.
  • Cardio gym with 6 trainer bikes, two treadmills, and two ergs.
  • Gymnasium, FIFA certified soccer field, two squash courts, two tennis courts, and a bouldering gym.
  • Free yoga classes by certified instructors offered every day during the fall and spring terms.
  • 30 minute drive to Whistler Olympic training facilities, and 45 minutes to Vancouver. Squamish is also home to numerous world-class fitness and sports medicine practitioners and facilities. 
  • Quest is located on 60 acres of property on the border of Garibaldi Provincial Park. Step outside your door and within an hour hike you are surrounded by scenic alpine valleys/glacier lakes.
  • Enjoy world-renowned mountain biking trails and powder skiing right in your backyard.


To be eligible to apply for the Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance Program, students must meet at least one of the following requirements: 

  • You are an officially recognized athlete by the government
    of your country
  • You are registered with a sport or art governing body or organization (national, provincial, state, or general) 
  • You are a sponsored athlete
  • The majority of your personal income comes from participation in your art or sport


Students wishing to apply for entrance into LEAP must first apply for admission to Quest. Students will only be considered for LEAP after they have been accepted to Quest. Please ensure to read all instructions on the application form carefully. Questions can be directed to Trevor Mannion at Trevor.Mannion@questu.ca.

LEAP applicants must submit:

• A completed Leaders in Elite Athletics & Performance Application Form [PDF, 467 KB]

• An essay that responds to the following prompt in 300 words or less:

→ “How have you demonstrated leadership in your sport/performance and how do you plan on contributing to Quest University Canada and LEAP?”

• A resume limited to 2 pages that includes:

→ List of accomplishments, awards, and results covering at least the past 3 years

→ Podium finishes

→ Links to social media channels if you use these to promote yourself

→ List of sponsors

→ Volunteer experience related to sport/performance

• A list of your professional and personal goals for the next 4 years, including how you plan to measure and achieve these goals.

• A recommendation letter from your coach or mentor speaking to your ability, achievements,and potential in your sport/performance.

• An outline of your training and competition schedule for the 2017-2018 season.


Re-Application Form

Quest LEAP was created to provide high level athletes and performers the opportunity to continue thriving in their sport or performance while also working towards obtaining an enriching, engaging, and well-rounded undergraduate education. Students wishing to re-apply for participation in LEAP must complete the following application.