An Institutional Plan (IP) is an ongoing process that tells us where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there. It’s a comprehensive analysis of our current situation, with an appraisal of where we see ourselves in the future and how to reach our goals, whether they be two or ten years away.

Our IP Task Force is spearheaded by George Iwama, Marjorie Wonham and Bonny Randall, with the help of Experiential Learning students and input from the SRC, our alumni, and the rest of the Quest community. See SRC president Nicole Zanesco’s interview with Quest President George Iwama.

The IP cycle consists of four phases: 1. PREPARE. 2. PLAN. 3. DO. 4. REVIEW.


We are now underway in the PREPARE phase, which includes three steps.

A. MVV. In spring, 2017, after soliciting input from the Quest community, we articulated our Mission, Vision, and Values, which will serve as the foundation for the rest of our Institutional Plan.

B. Destination Quest.

Destination Quest (2017-18), was a community input process through which students, staff, faculty, alums and other Quest friends shared their dreams and desires for Quest’s future.

Download the report summary,  the full report and the appendix of raw input.

Don’t have a QuestU account? Please email bonny.randal@questu.ca to request a copy of the report.

C. Environmental Scan/SWOT. This is where we gather data to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities and threats. We have a look at the environment we’re operating in: education. That means getting info about the economy, government, laws, other universities, and demographic factors, and evaluating our internal strengths and weaknesses. What are we best at? Where could we do better? Opportunities and threats are external. How can we distinguish ourselves from other universities? What niche do we fill? What obstacles do we face? As education standards, approaches, and technologies change, how do we meet new challenges while retaining our distinctive quality? The IP Task Force expects to have the ES/SWOT completed by end of summer 2018.