Quest University Canada Tutor Wins 3M Teaching Award

Dr. Glen Van Brummelen, Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator and Founding Tutor at Quest University Canada, has won a 2017 3M Teaching Fellowship. The public announcement will be made soon by Maclean’s. Glen is the first faculty member from Quest to claim this honor.

Each year since 1986, 10 university and college professors from across Canada are chosen for a combination of their excellence in classroom teaching and their educational leadership to join the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. This fellowship, cosponsored by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and 3M Canada, has a 30 year history of recognizing university and college faculty who have had the greatest influence on their students, on their colleagues, and on the direction of teaching in higher education. It is the premier award for higher education in Canada.

Glen joins a fellowship of over 300 dedicated teachers and leaders; he becomes a lifetime member of STLHE, and in November he will participate in a four-day teaching and learning retreat at Chateau Montebello with the other nine new fellows.

Glen’s mantra is “I don’t teach mathematics; I teach students.” He engages his students utilizing provocative questions, student-centered activities, and discovery-based methods. His approach is warm and open, and “he is phenomenally sensitive to the perspectives needed for the appropriate development of mathematics in the lives of our students.” His empowering approach to education has had a phenomenal impact on his students and propelled them to great heights, as in one example from his Spherical Trigonometry class. This undergraduate class of first-year students was so engaged in the material and so unencumbered by traditional approaches to inquiry that they were able to discover a logical flaw in a fundamental theorem proof that had stood since 1807.

Glen is one of the founding tutors of Quest University Canada. He helped create the principles for this revolutionary approach to education, an interdisciplinary, block-based model. A mentor to fellow faculty in this unique curriculum, Glen supports innovative and groundbreaking instruction. Indeed his impact can be felt in the comment of one of his former students: “Glen opened my eyes to this whole world of possibilities of mathematics and what incredible things can be done with it.”

Quest sends its heartfelt congratulations to Glen for this outstanding achievement.

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