Esteban Cruz
Is Airbnb Creatively Destroying the Hospitality Industry?
Mentor: Dr. Tamara Trafton
What are the effects of the Sharing Economies? Companies as Airbnb are rising on demand and popularity. Airbnb, serves over 3 million listings in more than 65,000 cities in close to 200 countries, making it the largest accommodation provider in the world. As a result of Airbnb, a new non-traditional company is affecting the vast (revenue, size, workforce) hospitality industry. Using the theory of Creative Destruction by Schumpeter and Disruptive Innovation by Christensen, my Keystone “Is Airbnb creatively destroying the Hospitality Industry?,” will explain how new companies are always challenging incumbent industries and running them to bankruptcy—using Airbnb and the hospitality industry as a case study.
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