Tristan Gentry
Food, Cooking & Community the Tools to Create Healthy Selves
Mentor: Jacy Young
How do we feed the homeless population and empower them in order to create a healthy lifestyle? We all have fixed beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the environment we live in. These beliefs create an agenda we live our life through. Those experiencing homelessness have fixed beliefs about themselves and an agenda in which they live their life. With access to healthy food, a space to cook and eat with other people, a person experiencing homelessness will have the productive and healthy tools to empower themselves and able to shift their agendas. There is a lack of empowering homeless people in the current social service system, resulting in the loss of self-esteem and a motivation to develop one’s self. The social service system has its own belief systems and agenda on how to address homelessness and the issues surrounding this breakdown in society, and it is not working. In my work, I explored the avenues that can be used to empower the homeless and create healthy lifestyles.
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