Pablo González-Nieto
The Risk Environment of People Who Inject Drugs in the U.S./Mexico Border: The case of Mexicali, the harm reduction NGO “Verter”, and the first safe consumption site in Latin America, La Sala.
Mentor: Dr. John Reid-Hresko
How can we address issues of substance use in high-risk environments? The Northern Mexican border, a major drug and migratory route, is one of the only regions in Latin America where people inject drugs. In the city of Mexicali, the harm reduction NGO “Verter” serves this neglected population. Verter provides services such as an unsanctioned safe consumption site and a needle exchange program, among others. This presentation will describe the “risk environment” of Mexicali, situate the work of Verter, and consider the implications for harm reduction interventions in under-resourced contexts.

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