Wed Oct 12 2016

Whistler Public Library: Marina Tourlakis

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Whistler Public Library

Whistler Public Library: Marina Tourlakis

Cancer: What is it and what can we do about it?

Free & Open to the Public

Marina Tourlakis
Life Sciences Tutor (Molecular Genetics)

Cancer has permeated our lives. We hear about lifestyle choices, diets, exposures, etc. that may elevate our risk of cancer. We hear about ‘breakthroughs’ in understanding cancer risks, in screening for cancer and in treating cancer. We participate in and contribute to fundraising and awareness campaigns. And we all have a story to tell about how cancer has touched our life or the life of someone close to us.

So what precisely is cancer? And given all this attention, where do we stand so far as understanding its causes and mitigating its devastating impact?

This talk will explain the basic molecular mechanisms underpinning cancer with a particular focus on genomics. I will also discuss therapeutics, including the principles behind chemotherapy and radiation, how personalized medicine is leading to better treatments and finally new treatments that utilize patients’ own immune systems and even viruses to combat this resilient disease.

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