Tue Jan 24 2017

Amara Hark-Weber: Artists Talk


Multi-Purpose Room

Amara Hark-Weber: Artists Talk

Artists Talk
Amara Hark-Weber
Artist in Residence


Amara is both a custom (bespoke) shoemaker and visual artist, letting the craft inform the art and vise versa with interests in human kinetic movement and the performative nature of dress. These focal points create an unusual and rich artistic practice, and ambitious and informed professional life as a shoe maker.

Beyond the conceptual underpinnings of her work, Amara is a skilled craftsperson practicing traditional shoemaking techniques. She is deeply engaged with historical precedent, but use these processes to create forms that ask fundamental questions about movement and associated emotional reaction. Her shoes alter the wearer’s relationship to the earth, gait, and pace, thereby calling attention to our own understanding of physical capabilities and limitations.

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