Negar Elmieh

Negar is an advocate for health and environmental issues, and is fascinated by science communication.

She is an interdisciplinary researcher who applies both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand complex health, environment, risk, and policy issues. She is motivated by the need to create more effective programs and policies, to achieve social change, and to bridge the gap between research, communication, and real-world problems. Through her work, she hopes to be able to promote policies and behaviour changes that protect our health and environment.

Negar completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria with a double major in environmental studies and geography. She then went on to pursue an MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics as well as an MS in food policy and applied nutrition from Tufts University in Boston. After working for various national and international public health and nutrition organizations, she returned to British Columbia to carry out her doctoral work at the University of British Columbia. For her dissertation, she used a systems approach to examine public health interventions aimed at preventing and controlling West Nile virus across Canada, and how to best manage the risks. Her current research examines the risks around infectious diseases and how to improve prevention programs, message development, and information dissemination for future outbreaks.

 Her teaching is driven by curiosity about the world we live in and a desire to make a difference. Along the way, she’s been influenced by numerous great teachers and mentors, and her involvement as a facilitator with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at UBC. She likes to draw on real-world problems and participatory approaches to help students make connections between disciplines.

 Negar has lived on four continents and speaks five languages. Most recently she spent two winters in South America and Antarctica where she made several penguin friends. When in North America, she can often be found riding her bike or playing outside in the mountains and oceans.