Maï Yasué

Maï Yasué is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist. If she were a Quest student, her Question would be: “How do you motivate people to conserve?”

Maï holds an MSc from the University of Oxford in zoology and a PhD from the University of Victoria in geography. Her PhD examined the impacts of tourism development on shorebirds in Thailand. After her PhD, she joined Project Seahorse in the University of British Columbia to examine the socio-ecological impacts of both community-based marine reserves and the trade of seahorses. Other past marine research areas includes whale ecotourism in Baja California and avian influenza in wild waterbird populations. In terrestrial habitats she has also worked onthe socioeconomic and political factors influencing the success of forest certification schemes and the potential of using international climate policy for biodiversity protection and poverty mitigation.

Her current research emphasis has shifted more to the psychology of how to motivate people to conserve natural habitats.

As an educator her goals are to encourage students to see linkages across disciplines and countries and to think about the impacts that we have on people in developing countries, other species and natural systems. She is a mentor to students who have interdisciplinary Question relating to conservation, development, and environmental sustainability.