Covid-19 Updates

Quest is planning a return to in-person teaching, learning, and living for Fall 2021.

On March 8, 2021, B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, advised post-secondary institutions to begin planning for a full return to on-campus teaching, learning and research in September 2021. It is very important for everyone’s health and well-being to get back on campus. Dr. Henry expressed deep confidence that the combination of mass immunization contributing to community immunity, the application of revised health and safety protocols, and the regular review and updating of multilayered institutional safety plans will support the safe resumption of on-campus activities.

Quest’s top priorities remain ensuring a high-quality academic and student experience and safeguarding the health and wellness of our community members.

Following the COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for B.C.’s Post-Secondary Sector and the COVID-19 Return to Campus Primer provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Training; consultation with local public health officials; and dialogue with our Quest community, Quest has designed prevention and response measures to support the re-opening of campus residences and the gradual increase of in-person teaching, learning, and administrative and support services.

Flexibility and adaptability based on scientific evidence and epidemiology to manage the COVID-19 virus will continue to be important as Quest returns to on-campus activities. Quest will continue to demonstrate flexibility. We will be responsive to the needs of those students who may face barriers to returning to campus and we will continue to adapt our planning to align with the evolving COVID-19 public health information and direction.

Quest University COVID-19 Safety Plan (May 2021)

The COVID-19 Safety Plan is a detailed and living document outlining Quest’s COVID-19 health and safety measures and plans.
  • Quest is planning a return to campus for Fall 2021.
  • Quest is in Level II of Campus Operations, with the campus closed to all but essential staff.
  • Quest requires everyone to wear a mask while on the campus, unless they are alone in their private workspace.
  • All those working from campus must complete a daily health check before entering campus buildings.
  • See our updated COVID-19 Safety Plan for more details on measures being implemented on Quest’s campus.


  • Quest’s COVID-19 Safety Plan includes a range of prevention and response measures, which are also in alignment with the Go-Forward Guidelines for the Post-Secondary Sector.
  • These measures include, but are not limited to:
    • Completing a daily COVID-19 self-assessment and not attending campus when ill;
    • Following handwashing and hygiene protocols;
    • Continuing daily cleaning protocols in all indoor settings and on high tough surfaces;
    • Directional hallways and capacity limits in high traffic spaces and locations.
    • Requiring non-medical masks in indoor common areas.
  • In the case of an incidence of COVID-19 on-campus, Quest will follow the Contact Tracing and Notification Protocols outlined in the current provincial guidelines.
  • Public health authorities are responsible for determining notification processes and requirements for confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • Quest may be asked to assist public health authorities in notifying close contacts, assisting in identification of people who may have been exposed, distribution of materials prepared by public health authorities, or supporting public notification efforts.


  • As per the recommendations laid out in the Return to Campus Primer, Quest plans to house students on campus as per our usual process.
  • Quest will reserve units for the isolation or quarantine of students in the event of infection.
  • For more information about the Housing process, contact
  • Quest will require all students to abide by relevant public health measures in place upon their arrival on campus.
  • Move-in Dates for Students:
  • International Students Currently Outside of Canada – August 9th-13th(See “International Students” section for more information about travel and mandatory quarantine)
  • All other incoming students—August 26th
  • All other returning students—August 27thand 28th


  • All Quest University students, staff, and faculty who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated.
  • The vaccines are the best way to protect against COVID-19 and are vital to ensuring the health and safety of our community as we return to in-person teaching and learning. The more people in a community who are immunized against COVID-19, the harder it is for the virus to spread.
  • You can learn more at
  • All people in BC, including international students, can be vaccinated for free, regardless of length of stay or status.
  • If a person has received a first dose of a two-dose vaccine regimen, while outside BC and then arrives in BC, they can bring their vaccination record from their first jurisdiction (with information about which vaccine and when it was administered) and request their second dose in BC. A doctor will determine the appropriate second vaccine.
  • Information on Vaccine Safety
  • How to Register and Book an Appointment in BC


  • Quest is planning to hold Fall 2021 classes in person.
  • Quest will continue to exhibit flexibility to support students who are unable to return to campus due to travel impediments or for medical reasons.


  • Some federal travel restrictions may remain in place in the fall.
  • Quest will adhere to travel advisories when considering study abroad.
  • Exchanges, languages credits completed abroad, international Field Courses, and Experiential Learning blocks outside of Canada may be impacted by travel restrictions.


  • Quest will continue to offer its usual range of student services and supports, from Recreation programs to counselling.
  • Some services and supports will continue to be available remotely (ex. mental health support for students who are quarantining or self-isolating)


  • At the discretion of the University, educational activities offered with the intention of delivering and/or supporting student learning and development will continue.
  • Non-educational or social activities throughout the year will be planned according to the prevailing Provincial Health Officer orders in effect at that time.


  • Quest is on the list of Designated Learning Institutions with an approved COVID-19 Readiness Plan; Quest’s international students with valid study permits may be exempt from the travel restrictions if they can show that their travel to Canada is non-discretionary (i.e. have to return to Canada in order to study).
  • Students should stay up-to-date on travel restrictions and Canada’s mandatory quarantine.
  • International students entering Canada are subject to mandatory quarantine, regardless of immunization status.
  • For those students flying into Canada, your quarantine period includes a mandatory 3 night pre-paid booking at a government-authorized hotel at your own cost.
  • Quest will assist students with their quarantine period. Students who wish to complete their quarantine period on campus must register with the University. 
  • Quest’s Quarantine Package for international students arriving from outside of Canada, includes housing, delivered meals, support with transportation, and remote services and supports.
  • For more information about COVID-19 and its impact on study permits, post-graduation work permit eligibility, and more, visit the IRCC website.
  • For questions, email the New and International Student Coordinator.


Guidelines if you have symptoms or suspect you’ve been exposed

If you have symptoms or suspect you’ve been exposed:

  • Isolate
  • Use BC’s self-assessment tool or contact HealthLinkBC by dialing 811.
  • If recommended, get testing for COVID-19.
  • Testing is available at Squamish Hospital, and at a drive-through Squamish Assessment site (located at the site of the former Shady Tree Pub).
  • If you were tested for COVID-19, you will be sent home to self-isolate until the results are provided to you.
  • For more information about testing, visit

Guidelines if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19

  • If your result is positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted by Public Health.
  • Strictly follow the instructions provided to you by public health.
  • If you’ve received a positive test result for COVID-19, you must isolate
  • Please fill out the confidential form on the Portalin order to notify Quest so that we can provide you with the appropriate support
  • Remain isolated for up to 14 days oras directed by your local public health authority

Government of Canada COVID-19 page

Covid-19 self-assessment tool

Vancouver Coastal Health

Info sheet for students with a policy

For employee support LifeWorks FAQ and LifeWorks Contact and Overview page.

Toll-free Government of Canada info line: 1.833.784.4397

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