Taylor Lehnhart ‘15

What do you do?
I’m a Field Technician, at Fisheries and Oceans.

What was your Question?
How can we conserve marine populations?

What would you say your Question is now?
What are the effects of climate change on marine populations?

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a killer whale monitoring program that uses a network of hydrophones in the waters around Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

We are currently creating a program that picks up all the killer whale sounds and sends us notifications of their location. That way we can pass that info on to anyone it may impact, like BC Ferries.

The hydrophones also give us a lot of information about marine traffic. Noise disturbance from boats and other marine activity can disrupt the echolocation these whales use to communicate within and between pods. In some extreme cases, whales have ended up stranded.

You’ve worked with populations as various as sea lions, bats and tree canopies. Do you prefer working in one environment more than another?
Oceans, 100%.

What advice would you give a current Quest student?
Put as much effort into getting the right Experiential Learning as you can. It gets you out into the field you want.

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