Nate McCarthy ‘20

Nate talks about why he chose Quest, how he became editor of The Mark, and “explains his Question, “Are you f$%@*&# kidding me?”

Q: Why Quest?

A: Before I set foot on campus, the physical location seemed incredibly interesting. I stopped by a Quest booth during a college fair, and was impressed by the holistic approach to education, small class size and focus on academic mentorship. I stayed at the booth for 30 minutes discussing Quest, while I only spent three minutes or less at every other university’s booth. I wanted to study where my voice could be heard. Quest fosters a sense of validation in the classroom. And, you’ll never find a more beautiful place.

What is your question?

My question is, “Are you f$%@*&# kidding me?” which probably needs some explanation.

With focus in political anthropology and urban geography, I study the development of political culture and demographics, and how this informs institutionalized narratives. My point is to embody the emotional and reactive nature of political discourse in North America. I wanted to ask something that I, and many others, think.

What is your plan for your Keystone?

For now, the plan is to map the impact of Amazon on urbanization in Seattle as the company has grown over the past decade. Using census data, I want to understand which bodies are displaced through the physical and financial expansion of the company, and how the political climate has been altered in accordance and response.

You’re editor-in-chief and director of communications and creative content for The Mark student publication. How did you get involved?

My first week at Quest was spent wide-eyed. Following a Facebook post, I went to a Mark meeting and was greeted by upper-year students who struck me with their intelligence and wit. I decided to stick around and try my hand at writing an article. My mom is a journalist, too, so it seemed like a safe social entry point into Quest’s community. After their graduation, I felt a bit of a gap at The Mark. I was one of a handful of people remaining, and I assumed one of three editor-in-chief roles, along with the role of director of communications and creative content. I’m also a floor rep for one of the student residences, and last year I helped to organize the Dancing Bear Music & Arts Festival.

What are your plans after earning your degree at Quest?

I intend to pursue a graduate degree in Urban Geography, and maybe one day I’ll come back to teach a course at Quest.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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