Michael Luba ‘13

B.C.L/LL.B., Law, McGill University

Michael’s Question: How can political economy produce sustainable environmental policy?

Keystone Title: Climate Change, Extreme Weather, and Associated Turbidity in New York Reservoirs

Abstract: How could climate change create water quality problems in New York City reservoirs? The paper examined atmospheric change as a foundation for climate change, and builds an understanding of cyclonic activity and how it will affect NYC in the long term based on an analysis of unpublished turbidity model data. It also proposes policy solutions to mitigate the adverse effects that are predicted.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Health, Environment, and Risk (Life Sciences)
Ecological Economics (Interdisciplinary)
Developmental Economics I & II (Social Sciences)
Comparative Political Institutions (Social Sciences)
Behavioural Economics (Social Sciences)
Media and Politics (Social Sciences)
Research Design (Social Sciences)
Topics in Sustainability (Life Sciences)

What are some of the things you did outside the classroom?
I used my Experiential Learning block to explore pedagogy. I took a high-level snowboard instructor development course, and then began to teach other snowboarders how to become instructors.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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