Maxance Daenen – LEAP

Maxance Daenen originates from Liege, Belgium, however, has spent much of his life between Dubai and Bahrain. Max has been traveling the world to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an established skateboarder in the skateboarding community. Max Loves to travel and experience the world through the lens of a skateboarder making content on Instagram and youtube. He has competed in many competitions around the world such as in the US, areas of the middle east, and in Europe. Recently he has landed in Squamish, Canada where he has been an active part of the skate community by competing in local competitions and has picked up a new sponsor “Stuntwood” a rad skate shop located in downtown Squamish that shared with a rad tattoo shop. Max loves coaching skateboarding during the summers in Oregon at Windell’s academy where he went to high school and now coaches kids all while working on his own tricks and content in the summer. Max enjoys doing big airs with grabs on his skateboard all while remaining active academically and involved in the science department of this school. Max’s academic question is how do we communicate science ecology to a wider audience and will be writing his Keystone paper on how to make information more understandable and engaging to a wider array of people. 

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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