Isha Aran ‘12

Staff Writer, Splinter

Isha’s Question: How can we use visual communication as a means of social change?

Keystone Title: The Adventures of Pomo Harley and the Great American Vaudeville

Abstract: A graphic novel that both explores and models key concepts in the fields of semiotics, media and communication studies, and globalization theory. By purposefully utilizing de Saussure’s semiological system, “Adventures of Pomo Harley…” embeds multiple layers of metaphor and social critique into the graphic novel. Ultimately, the work produces a lively commentary on various themes including the implications of technology on global communication, media convergence and theories of hyperreality, and the process of democratizing media today.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Mass Communications and Society (Social Sciences)
Signs, Image, and Meaning (Social Sciences)
Media and Politics (Social Sciences)
Film as Activism: Aesthetics of the Political (Interdisciplinary)
Film: Theory and Practice (Arts & Humanities)
Science Film Making (Interdisciplinary)
Arts for Social Change (Arts & Humanities)
Photography (Arts & Humanities)

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