Hai Feng-Hu ‘12

What was your Question?
What affects a country’s foreign relation with another?

Where are you now?
I work at Stikeman Elliott LLP.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

History, Historians, and Historiography (Arts & Humanities)
Colonialism, Race, and Identity (Arts & Humanities)
Contemporary Political Ideologies (Social Sciences)
Comparative Democratic Institutions (Social Sciences)
Contemporary Political Institutions (Social Sciences)
International Relations Theory (Social Sciences)
Ethics (Arts & Humanities)
Calculus I (Mathematics)

What was your Keystone Project?
Living with a giant: a study on how domestic constraints influence Sino-American relations

What are some of the things you did outside the classroom?
I worked with the Quest admissions team to recruit prospective Chinese students from international high schools in China. I used this opportunity to analyze how Chinese cultural values and Canadian (international) values integrate in Chinese international high schools. Contemplating and studying cultural differences was important to considering how international disputes can be solved.

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