Evon Zhao ‘13

What was your Question?
How do we communicate across different cultures?

What did you do for Experiential Learning?
I spent one Block at the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VI-CO). A Tutor referred me to the organization.

What was a typical day like at the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra?
A majority of my time was put into learning about the organization, especially during the first few days. I wrote journal entries and did academic reading almost daily. I read as many materials online as possible in addition to talking to musicians and directors. My job was very event oriented. Before concerts, I canvassed many community centers, radio stations, and TV stations to advertise and book interviews. I also updated and reorganized the VI-CO website, translated materials, and attended rehearsals so that we could prepare for the concert. On the day of concert, all staff worked from morning to midnight both on and off stage.

Tell us about working with the VI-CO after your Experiential Learning Block concluded.
I’m currently working on the VI-CO music scores catalogue for future uses in publication and educational outreach. Since there are very few inter-cultural orchestras and the music concept is truly groundbreaking, VI-CO composers and musicians must create all original pieces. VI-CO hopes that this catalogue will act as a research resource and make performance material accessible, so that others will be inspired to engage in bridging cultures through music.

Any advice for Quest students about to embark on Experiential Learning?
Communicate with your academic and on-site supervisors often so that you know the EL is balanced with your practical and academic work. Continuously reflect on your experience in relation to your Question. This can help you get the most out of your EL because there is always more than what you can learn in one or a few blocks. Then, network, network, network, network! Networking is so important!

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“Being a part of a tight-knit community in a small school has meant that I could really connect with my peers and my Tutors.”

Varsha Gill ’20


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