Elly Grant ‘18

What was your Question?
How can art transform conflict?

Originally, I was looking at political science, visual art, anthropology, sociology and a bit of visual culture. Now I’ve moved into community art practice, an emerging academic discipline involving community cultural development. I’m really interested in looking at how communities can better use the arts for development, planning and programming.

Tell me about your Keystone.
During the summer of 2017, I was living in Jasper, Alberta and working for Parks Canada. I wanted to create a community art project that had a practical element to complement the academic research I was doing at Quest. I put up an art project called “Cycle Through” in the lobby of the Library and Cultural Centre. The umbrella question of “Cycle Through” was, How can we create community in a transient place? This question spurred eight specific questions to do with community-building and sense of place that were posted around the room. Participants responded to the questions using creative materials I provided. Their responses were attached to a bicycle frame.

My Keystone is to write about this project. It will be a blend of the theory of community art practice and the practical implementation of “Cycle Through”.

How are you involved in arts at Quest?

  • Arts Bay Coordinator
  • Poetry slam participant
  • Cabaret 2016 curator
  • Event volunteer including at Polaris, North West Winterfest
  • Created live art at different events
  • Started Quest Arts Collective
  • Figure drawing classes
  • Host of social sewing workshops
  • One-on-one sewing sessions

Tell us about your own art practice.
I’ve always known that I like art. At Quest, I started with doodles, watercolour, collage and mixed media. During the summer of 2016, I got involved with an Artist-in-Residence Program relating to fashion and textile design. Through that I started my own clothing company, Double Dipped, which uses all upcycled and repurposed clothing. It’s very functional, comfortable, fun and colourful. I sew all the hats by hand and use the machine for other clothing. Be sure to check out my booth at the Dancing Bear Music & Arts Festival this year!

INSTA: @kleenexgrant

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