Elly Grant ‘18

Textile Artist and Master’s of Art in Art Education, NSCAD University 22’

Elly’s Question: How can art transform conflict?

Keystone Title: Cycle Through: Community Art Practice from Framework to Application

Abstract: This extensive Keystone details a community art project’s path from “conception to creation.” In doing so it analyzes key components needed to implement such projects, adopting theoretical and academic lense, as well as a practical and organisational perspectives. Elly explores important questions about why community art projects are needed and the role of the artist in a community. She then lays out a detailed plan on how to achieve these ideals in a community art project planned for Jasper, AB. She offers a novel framework for community art practitioners in this paper: Chaining up and Starting, Building the Frame, Releasing the Brakes, Slowing the Cycle, Fixing the Flat, and finally, Retracing the Route.

How were you involved in arts at Quest?

  • Arts Bay Coordinator
  • Poetry slam participant
  • Cabaret 2016 curator
  • Event volunteer including at Polaris, North West Winterfest
  • Created live art at different events
  • Started Quest Arts Collective
  • Figure drawing classes
  • Host of social sewing workshops
  • One-on-one sewing sessions

Tell us about your own art practice.
I’ve always known that I like art. At Quest, I started with doodles, watercolour, collage and mixed media. During the summer of 2016, I got involved with an Artist-in-Residence Program relating to fashion and textile design. Through that I started my own clothing company, Double Dipped, which uses all upcycled and repurposed clothing. It’s very functional, comfortable, fun and colourful. I sew all the hats by hand and use the machine for other clothing. Be sure to check out my booth at the Dancing Bear Music & Arts Festival this year!

INSTA: @doubledipped_




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completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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