Céline Allen ‘15

MD, Queen’s University

Céline’s Question: How can we ensure effective and responsible health care?

Keystone Title: Obamacare in 2014: Perceptions, knowledge, and early outcomes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Abstract: A comprehensive examination of the American population’s relationship with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the factors affecting, as well as the interactions between, perception, knowledge, and experienced outcomes. The study uses an online survey to gather information and key results include that political orientation was not associated with overall knowledge of the ACA, but was associated with knowledge of some specific provisions of the act, bringing to light the necessity to increase the public’s relationship with other significant and large-scale policy changes.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Anatomy & Physiology I (Life Sciences)
Anatomy & Physiology II (Life Sciences)
Public Health Policy (Life Sciences)
Social Determinants of Health (Life Sciences)
Epidemiology (Life Sciences)
Statistics I (Mathematics)
Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Biology (Life Sciences)
French Literature: Around the World (Languages)

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completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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