Céline Allen ‘15

What was your Question?
How can we ensure effective and responsible health care?

What did you do after graduating from Quest?
I went to medical school at Queen’s University.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Anatomy & Physiology I (Life Sciences)
Anatomy & Physiology II (Life Sciences)
Public Health Policy (Life Sciences)
Social Determinants of Health (Life Sciences)
Epidemiology (Life Sciences)
Statistics I (Mathematics)
Techniques in Cellular and Molecular Biology (Life Sciences)
French Literature: Around the World (Languages)

What was your Keystone Project?
Obamacare in 2014: Perceptions, knowledge, and early outcomes of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

What were some of the things you did outside the classroom?
As part of a longitudinal study on cognition in the elderly, I administered neuropsychometric tests to study participants. I also completed a research project examining the interaction of cognitive and lifestyle factors in determining dementia risk.

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