Cam Jones ‘11

Director, Project Management at Public Agency Secretariat, Government of Alberta

Cam’s Question: How can a better understanding of the relationship between human and environmental health promote increased social and ecological wellness?

Keystone Title: An evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of a health-related capacity building in Mongu, Zambia

Abstract: Cam synthesizes two evaluative frameworks designed to assess capacity building projects, and tailored it to the ongoing efforts of the Okanagan zambia Health Initiative (OkaZHI), an inter-professional arrangement between Canadians and Zambians with the goal of improving healthcare for Zambians through education and capacity enhancement. Based on extended field work in Zambia with OkaZHI in 2009, including a surgical training conference, skill workshops, and interviews with doctors, students, and medical staffs, his analysis includes philosophical, anthropological, scientific and environmental principles as well as quantitative reasoning to assess impact.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Chemistry Lab I (Physical Sciences)
Epidemiology (Life Sciences)
Organic Chemistry (Physical Sciences)
The Practice of Statistics (Mathematics)
Great Bear Rainforest (Experiential Learning)
Borneo I & II (Experiential Learning)
Cognitive Science (Social Sciences)
Chemistry I & II (Physical Sciences)
Philosophy 121 (transfer credit)

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completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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