Allison Black ‘11

PhD Student, Department of Epidemiology at the University of Washington

Allison’s Question: What role does communal tradition play in the spread of infectious disease?

Keystone Title: An Analysis of Mechanisms of the Spread for New World Arenaviruses: Biological Mechanisms of Infection, Social Mechanisms of Disease Spread, and Cultural Competency in Epidemic Control Measures

Abstract: Focusing on social epidemiology, this Keystone examines which factors predispose people to the kinds of interactions that favor viral transmission. Specifically this Keystone investigates Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever through social determinants including community interactions, lifestyle choices, religion, and folklore explanations of disease. It is concluded that research efforts regarding human-pathogenic arenaviruses should maintain a balance between understanding both the macro-factors that may influence epidemic dynamics as well as the micro-scale factors that form the fundamental basis of infection.

What Concentration Courses did you take?

Evolution (Life Sciences)
Epidemiology (Life Sciences)
Biochemistry I (Physical Sciences)
Microbiology I (Life Sciences)
Statistics II (Mathematics)
Research Methods in the Social Sciences (Social Sciences)
Social Psychology (Social Sciences)
Techniques in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Life Sciences)

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