Alice, parent to Maximilian Kahn ‘19

What was your initial impression of Quest?

My own university experience was less than engaging. I decided to take the Quest marketing material at their word and hoped that the Block Plan, the breadth of courses and the community approach would be the right fit.

Why was Quest the right place for Maximilian?

Coming out of high school, our son was unsure what major to choose in University. Quest gave Maximilian the opportunity to try a wide variety of fields of study, from political science and history to computer science and physics, before eventually settling on a Question that felt right for him. Having the option to take humanities and rigorous science/math courses with professors who are passionate about their field and teaching was important to us.

Quest allowed Maximilian to flourish both academically and socially. The small class sizes allowed for personalized learning. He frequently told us about the stimulating conversations he had with his tutors and peers. He also made some lifelong friendships.

On hindsight, what were the best things about Quest?

The Block Plan. We weren’t sure how this would work out, but it turned out to be a good fit for Maximilian.

Small seminar classes that force students to interact with each other, and often carry those interactions outside of the classroom.

A location that is viscerally natural and beautiful, which allows students to have some perspective beyond their studies.

The international student body at Quest and the opportunity for Maximilian to meet and get to know about their cultures.

How did Maximilian change during his time here?

He is a more confident, self-assured person now, but still humble.

What would you say to parents who are considering Quest?

To get the best out of a Quest education, the onus is on the student to be serious and invested. The Block system doesn’t really allow for procrastination. To get to the real “good stuff” that makes Quest special, the student should be willing to engage in all facets of life at Quest, both in and out of the classroom. Like most experiences in life, you get what you put in.

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