Quest University is delighted to announce that starting Fall 2022, students who are Canadian citizens and permanent residents will have their tuition adjusted from $35,000 to $21,000. Those receiving Quest Financial Aid will also have their individual award amounts (scholarship, award, bursary) proportionally adjusted.

By providing a lower tuition for Canadian students, the unique value of a Quest education is more financially competitive with other universities in Canada, In fact, the 40% reduction is the deepest tuition drop amongst private institutions in Canada.

“We looked at a number of factors as we examined our tuition rates: affordability, the Sea-to-Sky community that we live and work in, and of course financial impacts of the pandemic,” says George Iwama, president of Quest University. “We want to make a Quest education more accessible to Canada’s next generation of leaders, and we are pleased to unveil this new tuition structure.”

Quest also offers students extensive scholarship and bursary application opportunities to continue to reduce their fees. Prospective students are encouraged to book meetings with university admissions counsellors to learn more about Quest’s innovative educational program, review funding opportunities, government loan programs and application procedures.

“I am very pleased to be part of an institution that prioritizes student learning,” says George Iwama. “Quest’s unique approach in offering a single degree, the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, where students design their own educational route based upon their interests and focus on learning through the Block Plan make it an innovative and important part of higher education in Canada. I am excited that we can make this opportunity more accessible to Canadian students.”


Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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