Nadine Crowe ’13 is a Naturopath with a commitment to the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.


“When we have a sense of wellbeing as individuals, we are better able to contribute meaningfully to our communities.


Tell us about your new business!
I’ve started my own clinical practice as a Naturopathic Family Doctor serving Squamish and Whistler.  


Where did the idea come from?

I completed my Medical Board Exams last spring and was considering my options. The lockdown gave me time to reflect on where I wanted to start my practice, and the space to put my ideas into a business plan. 


Why Squamish?

I always intended to move back to a small, mountain-based community so naturally, Squamish was high on my list (although it’s getting less small every day!). Growing up in Whistler and having family close by was an added pull. Squamish is a vibrant community with the accessibility to Vancouver yet the feeling of a small town. I have really felt the support of the community during the opening of my practice. It’s reassuring that the Squamish I came to love while I was at Quest is still very much here.


What do you hope to contribute to the community?

I hope to contribute to the framework of healthcare practitioners in the corridor and to provide care that is individualized and comprehensive. I hope to provide a clinical space for education, empowerment, and holistic healing, because when we have a sense of wellbeing as individuals, we are better able to contribute meaningfully to our communities.    


Can you list three skills you developed at Quest that helped you with this endeavour?

Adaptability. Interdisciplinary thinking. Empathy. 


What did your Question and Keystone explore?

My Question was, “What is a resilient food system?” and for my Keystone I explored how the co-operative model of community food systems can foster resilience. Although seemingly unrelated to medicine, the exploration of this question turned out to be foundational in how I have come to understand health and more importantly healing. Naturopathic medicine lies at the intersect of modern and traditional medicine and relies on evidence-based medicine alongside a holistic understanding of health. It is patient-centered, individualized medicine that supports the natural capacity for a person to evolve, very similar to what I learn in studying resilience in other natural systems.


What do you miss most about Quest?

I miss living in community. I miss the vigor and rewards of learning on the Block system. I miss the accessibility of Tutors to make sense of this world that we live in. I miss Block Breaks, and field trips, and wine & cheese!

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