Quest Executive Administrator Bonny Cameron paints us a picture of what influences her art and shares why she loves it here.

You’ve been part of the Quest community for many years, but not everyone knows that you’re an accomplished artist. Tell us about your painting!

I started painting in 2008, and I enjoy both watercolour and acrylics. My inspiration comes from nature and a lot of my past work has been of landscapes, although I recently started experimenting with abstracts.

My most recent piece is a diptych inspired by the BC wildfires over the past two years, focusing on the resiliency of the forest in recovering from such destruction. It was exhibited as part of the 2019 International Women’s Day Art Show, and I was asked to provide an accompanying story. Here it is

Inspired by past wildfires. Exposed and damaged by human negligence and apathy, Gaia responds with new growth, giving hope.

Tears and Seeds

vulnerable, unguarded

lay our mother, Gaia, victim

to wrath and devastation

by the scourge of dragon tongues

dark tears fall upon her skin

our Mother lies crying

beneath a cloak of ash

left in solitude to mourn

lost seeds, yet

unbroken, resilient

Gaia reaches through ash

with silent invisibility

nourishing new life

vulnerable, unguarded

Wow, that’s beautiful. How long does it usually take to finish a piece?

That’s hard to say. There are so many factors involved: the medium I’m using, the size of the piece, if it flows or if it stalls.

And what inspires you to create?

I am most often inspired by nature, but I also gain inspiration by seeing the work of other artists and the techniques they use with various mediums. Other times, I find myself pondering things like, “How would you paint the wind?” in ways other than painting moving branches or leaves.

Love that! Can we see your work on display anywhere in town?

2019 International Women’s Day Art Show is on at the Foyer Gallery in the Squamish Public Library. I am scheduled to exhibit multiple pieces at the Squamish Adventure Centre starting May 6. There are also a couple pieces in the reception area of the executive offices at Quest.

You really know the campus well as you’ve been here for 14 years. What’s your favourite thing about Quest?

My favourite thing is the incredible energy the students bring to campus. Their vision and ideas carry a contagious excitement. Also, I love that so many alumni return to campus and seek us out for chats and hugs.

I’ve lived in Squamish for almost 16 years. I love the small-town community and appreciate how people respond to each other so quickly and generously. Having lived in the north for most of my life, I really appreciate the temperate climate of the rainforest and the constant inspiration that feeds my art!

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