Quest University is excited to announce the launch of a new internal social networking platform: Quest U Connect. This platform was developed to bring our community together by providing access to resources that will help students, alumni, and other members of our community. Quest U Connect also provides a higher level of security and privacy in that only member of the Quest Community and select partners will be allowed to register.

Quest U Connect provides:

● A running feed of user updates, current Quest news, interesting content, photos, and conversations.

● A mentorship program, giving students and young alumni the opportunity tobe mentored by others and for users with more established careers to offer mentorship tofellow alumni/students.

● A job board with current opportunities, posted by alumni, students and strategic

● A Business Directory where alumni and community partners can list their businesses and offer unique discounts or services to Quest community members.

● A full opt-in directory of alumni, students, faculty/staff and other members of our community, allowing us toconnectwith the Quest University community around the world. This includes the option for direct text and video messaging with other users.

● Events posted by alumni, students and Quest University staff/faculty, inviting users to upcoming
events, encouraging pop-up engagement, coffee meetings around the world, webinars hosted by subject matter experts within our networks, and other organic engagement opportunities created for and by you.

● Unique groups, allowing users to engage at a more granular level with those of
the same cohort or graduating class.

● A marketplace group where users can post items for sale, rooms for rent, or to offer support services.

It’s easy for new members to sign up by using their personal accounts, or through Linkedin. As Linkedin is a partner, users have the option to allow their account to sync up automatically with Quest U Connect and pre-populate their information and job history.

See below for commonly asked questions about the platform. This page will be updated with new questions as they came in. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please email


Q: I see Parents are included as a user type. Won’t having parents on this platform affect the student and alumni desire to interact openly?

A: While is true that parents are allowed to sign up, they are restricted to only seeing what other parents and staff/faculty post. This applies to other user types as well.

Q: Can students and alumni see each other in the user directory and message one another?

A: When signing up, if an alum offers mentorship or checks that they are “willing to help”, they will be visible to students in order to facilitate mentorship and support opportunities.

Q: Who are Community Partners?

A: Community Partners are those who don’t fit into any of the other categories (student, alumni, parent, staff/faculty, donor). These would most often be people / organizations who want to post job opportunities or provide support.

Q: Can I speak privately with staff/faculty in this platform?

A: Yes, all user types are able to see and communicate with staff/faculty.

Q: How are members approved?

A: Members are approved once their credentials are verified by staff at Quest University. Only valid members of our community are allowed to join.

Q: Will there be any censoring of our voices while using the platform?

A: No, there will be no censoring. Quest U Connect is meant to be a place for members of the community to engage freely and openly with one another. However, hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will be removed from the platform if they are unwilling to interact respectfully with other members.


Q: Will staff be able to read our private messages to one another we send on the platform?

A: No. Staff cannot read individual messages.

Q: How is this any different than Facebook or other social media options, and why should we use it instead?

A: There are many great social media platforms where users will see information from lots of different groups and sources. Quest U Connect is an opt in site that has specifically tailored alumni and university content and is geared towards helping users with finding jobs, mentors, alumni businesses, etc. The advantage is this becomes a place for targeted communication about Quest, for Quest, by Quest community members. When you use the platform, your content will not get lost in general conversations that populate regular social media channels.

Q: How is the data we enter managed on this platform? Who controls and sees it?

A: Quest University owns all the data and it is managed by it’s internal staff / authorized representatives.

Q: How is this platform managed?

A: It is managed through a company called Graduway.

Q: Is there a privacy protection policy?

A: Yes. Please visit to read the policy.

Q: What are the Terms and Conditions for using this platform?

A: Please visit to view the Terms and Conditions.

Q: Has Graduway ever experienced a data leak?

A: No, they have not. They continue to monitor their code and systems to maximize safety and maintain this record. Over 40% of the top 200 universities in North America use Graduway.



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