Whether it’s going to workshops on diversity or using cutting-edge equipment in science and field courses, here at Quest we believe in learning by doing. When you give to the Summer Campaign, you help us fulfill that mission. And you make a real difference in our students’ lives.

Every dollar helps. Here’s what your donation can do.

Diversity & Equity

One of Quest’s guiding principles is to transform learning through the integration of equity and diversity throughout our community. Your gifts to the Summer Campaign support that mandate by funding training and workshops for faculty, staff and students, aimed at creating a more inclusive campus environment.

Field Trips

Quest Field Studies bring students to places as close as the wetlands adjacent to campus, or as far away as Antarctica. Your support enhances those crucial learning-by-doing experiences through purchases of new equipment, such as a roof rack storage box, waders, personal flotation devices, rock hammers, pH strips, and more.


To ensure we’re delivering the best education, Quest needs the best and latest equipment for its science courses. Your gift would help us acquire essential technology, such as an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, used by all fields of the physical sciences; and a benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, which would revolutionize how we teach the chemical sciences at Quest.

As a not-for-profit university, Quest relies on your generosity. Your donation, no matter the amount, makes all the difference. Please, give today.

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