Recent graduate Ellie tells us about her experience working with the Serbian National Women’s Basketball team, her favourite thing about Quest campus—and what she could do without.

What is your Question?

How do competitive sporting events impact society?

You just finished your Keystone on the Olympics related to the time you spent with the Serbian National Women’s Basketball team…well done! What was your role with the team?

Thank you! My presentation didn’t entirely relate to my Question because I was looking at the economic impacts of the Olympics on the host city and country, but it was interesting to be a part of the whole Olympic experience. I got to talk with the Serbian National Women’s Basketball team about competing in the 2016 Olympics for the first time…they won bronze!

It was just a wonderful experience. I translated for them, made their daily schedules and worked first-hand with their team manager. I attended all their practices and games, and made sure everything ran smoothly. Some of them even follow me on Instagram.

Do you plan to continue your work with the Olympics?

I would like to work with either the Olympics or specifically for FIBA [International Basketball Federation] in event management. It would be so awesome to connect with some of the world’s top athletes!

Why did you choose Quest?

I chose Quest for its uniqueness. The classes, people, campus—you really can’t find this combo anywhere else in the world.

What was your favourite thing about campus? Least favourite?

I loved that everything was so close. I could wake up at 8:45 am if I had class at 9. My least favourite was all the hills!

You just graduated! What’s the plan now?

I’m going to chill for a bit. I’m planning on taking a three-week road trip down the West Coast to Mexico.

Over the summer, I plan to get into some internships to do my Experiential Learning with other basketball teams. My goal is to work at the IWBA [International Wheelchair Basketball Association] World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

And then I hope to go to grad school for sports event management.

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