Come and hear fascinating and diverse presentations as Quest students present their Summer Research Fellows projects. You don’t want to miss this!

Summer Fellows:

Mason Pitchel | QSFP: Landslide Monitoring at the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex

Mason has long had an interest in the natural world. In November 2018, he began looking into the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex during a class called Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Eyewitness accounts comparing massive landslides at the MMVC to chase scenes in Star Wars initially piqued his interest.


Marika Dunham | You Are What You Eat: Narratives of the Food System

Hailing from the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington, Marika grew up in the shadows of the dairy industry. Her early experience in agricultural communities ignited a fascination about the food system from a young age, which influenced her studies at Quest. Marika studies the food system through the lens of human nutrition and critical food studies. Outside of academia, Marika has deepened her understanding of the food system through summer employment on a small scale produce farm and a non-profit organic farming initiative.


Jesse Genereux | Being Otherwise: Levinas’s Ethical Subject and Its Generation

Jesse’s research project is concerned with the metaphysical foundations of ethical responsibility and their interface with educational theory. He is passionate about public education and is committed to its growth in the area of moral education. In April and May, he served as research support for the sea to sky school district #48 in its education planning and refresh. Jesse’s fellowship work will serve as a significant springboard as he sets his aim for graduate school in Education.

Location: Quest University, MPR
Cost: Free and open to the public

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