A computing revolution is coming. Quantum computers are a breakthrough technology that will touch many facets of our lives. They aim to make possible what is currently impossible, and to make commonplace what is currently very difficult.

How realistic are these promises? In this talk, we look at what a quantum computer is. We examine how a quantum computer differs from the computers of our everyday experience. And we look at where the technology behind quantum computers is headed, and when we can expect quantum computing to become an everyday reality.

About the speaker

Darcy Otto earned his BA in philosophy, Greek and Latin at University College at the University of Toronto, and completed his MA and PhD in ancient philosophy at McMaster University. His primary research interests are in ancient Greek philosophy (particularly Platonic metaphysics), formal logic, and the intersection of these two disciplines. The main thrust of his research involves using the tools of logic to uncover new interpretations of ancient texts.

He also does work in computational logic and has written two popular computer programs intended to help researchers and students with logic proofs. Darcy is the recipient of several teaching awards, and was recognised as one of the top two instructors in McMaster University’s prestigious Arts & Science program.

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