What does music have to do with mountain biking?

In this talk, Dr. Jeff Warren will share examples of mountain biking films, listening to music while riding, and the sounds of bikes. He’ll discuss how music shapes mountain biking culture. He’ll also address how these initial questions have led to a wider research project he’s working on with sociologist Dr. John Reid-Hresko, that looks closely at mountain biking multimedia and embodied experience, examining questions surrounding ethics, identity, flow and nature.

About the speaker:

The question that most interests Jeff is, “How does music change the ways that people relate to each other? This has led him to study and teach a range of topics including music and ethics; improvisation; soundscape; philosophy; psychology; and phenomenology.

Jeff’s book, Music and Ethical Responsibility (Cambridge University Press) explores the ethical responsibilities that arise from musical experience. His creative work includes jazz composition and performance on electric and double bass. He is also a sound artist, and was commissioned to create a sound sculpture for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. His current research involves connections between music, philosophy and politics in Paris in the early 1970s, and the first stage of research was funded by SSHRC.

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