In this talk, Artist-in-Residence Dr. David Szanto, and Quest Chemistry faculty Dr. Emma Davy, will interrogate molecular gastronomy from a food systems and chemical perspective. This presentation will include demonstrations, a guided tasting and time for questions.

About the Speakers:

David is a researcher, teacher, artist and writer, taking an experimental approach to gastronomy and food systems. Past projects include: meal performances about urban foodscapes, immersive sensory environments and performance-installations, and interventions involving food, microbes, humans, and technology. David has taught about food at Concordia University, UQÀM, University of Ottawa, and the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and has written numerous articles and book chapters on food, art and performance. He is a regular contributor to the magazine Montréal en Santé.

Emma is a synthetic chemist and wrote her dissertation on the synthesis of new ligands for the lanthanide metals for potential MRI contrast agents and the physical organic study of new and old organic dyes. As a post-doctoral fellow, she synthesized novel N-heterocyclic carbenes and studied the decomposition of important metathesis catalysts.

Location: Quest University MPR

Cost: Free and open to the public

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