2015 National Survey of
Student Engagement Results

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) was developed by the Center for Postsecondary Research at the Indiana University School of Education, and was first administered in 2000. Since then 1,452 colleges and universities from all over North America have participated in the survey, including many of the most prestigious schools in both Canada and the United States.

NSSE is an online survey administered by the Center to first year and fourth year (freshmen and senior) students at participating institutions. The results speak to an institution’s strength in five different outcomes: Level of Academic Challenge, Active and Collaborative Learning, Student-Faculty Interaction, Supportive Campus Environment, and Enriching Educational Experiences. Quest consistently ranks at or near the top of Canadian and US universities in all five categories.

These graphs are from the 2015 NSSE results.

Quest students WORK HARD!
9 hours more per week (25 vs 16); this is the average hours per week that a Quest student spends preparing for class, compared to other Canadian universities.

Quest students LIKE to work hard!
Our students feel they are challenged to do their very best. 76% of Fourth Years and 68% of First Years reported that they feel challenged to do their best work “often” or “very often”.

Quest students CARE about Quest
Every year the vast majority of our students complete the NSSE survey. Our completion rate is almost three times the North American average. While this is not an academic element, it does show us that our student are engaged in, and care about Quest, beyond their classrooms and transcripts. This high level of participation also adds credibility and validity to our NSSE results.

Quest students CONNECT with Faculty.
When asked how often they “Discussed academic performance with Faculty”, “Had faculty provide feedback on a draft”, and “Worked with Faculty outside academic pursuits”, Quest students’ responses were far above, sometimes double, the national average!

Quest students would DO IT AGAIN!
94% of Fourth Years reported that they would attend Quest again!

Quest students are INVOLVED ON-CAMPUS . . . .and not just in class.
NSSE also asks students about their life outside the classroom, on campus. When asked about attending play and concerts, or ‘out-of-class’ events addressing social, political, or economic issues, more than 85% of Quest students (4th years) reported participating in such events – more than double the national average.

Quest students learn Transferable Skills
Part of the NSSE survey asks Fourth Year student how much their experience at Quest contributed to their development of “Transferable Skills”. The graph below shows the percentage of student who responded “Very Much” or “Quite a bit”

Perceived Gains
(Sorted highest to lowest)

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