Non-degree students

Non-Degree Students

Applying to Quest as a non-degree student is an ideal way to continue your education, whether it’s purely for curiosity’s sake, to earn credits toward a degree elsewhere, or to upgrade your university record to qualify for graduate school or a professional program. As a non-degree student, your courses do not count towards a Quest degree, but you will earn credit, unless you choose to audit a course.

Visiting students

Our courses are taught in 3.5-week blocks, which means you can join Quest at any point during the year.

Please review our course list for course descriptions.

To be eligible as a visiting student you must:

  • Have completed at least one year of full-time university studies
  • Be in good academic standing and submit your most current academic transcript
  • Meet the English language requirements if English is not your first language

How to apply

You can also fax the documents to 604.815.0829 or mail them to:
Quest University Canada – Attn: Registrar
3200 University Blvd
Squamish, BC V8B 0N8

Visiting student fees

Course fees are $2,875 for Canadian students and $4750 for US and international students. Please note that visiting students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid from Quest.

Visiting students are required to live on campus and have a meal plan while they are enrolled, unless you already live in the local area. There are some additional fees visiting students are required to pay. Payment includes access to Quest facilities (library, computer lab, and RecPlex) for the duration of the block. See a cost breakdown for one block below:

Residence: $1,100

Meal plan (unlimited): $866.25

Student Association fee: $27.40

Medical insurance if non-Canadian: $90 (waived with proof of personal medical insurance coverage)

Note: All fees are per block/course and are listed in Canadian dollars

Audit a course

Are you curious about Quest and interested in taking a class?

Auditing a course is a great way to experience our unique educational model without committing to the full degree program. You’ll be a full participant in most in-class activities: that means doing the readings and taking part in discussions, projects, field trips, group work, and more.

You won’t need to submit written assignments, and your contributions will not be graded. Your participation in small group projects, team presentations, etc. will be decided on a case-by-case basis. With the course tutor, you’ll figure out what makes sense for you.

How to apply

  • Review the course list to see what interests you, then email the registrar and let them know you’re interested in auditing a course.
  • Acceptance is on available space and is at the discretion of the tutor, so they’ll likely want to chat with you before you enrol.

Audit fees & policies

The cost to audit a course is $1,000 CDN.

Confirmation of attendance and all payments must be received at least one week prior to the start of the block.

If you’re auditing, you may drop the class in the first week of the block and receive a pro-rated refund. The audit fee is non-refundable after completion of the first week of the block.

Payment of $1,000 CDN includes access to Quest facilities (library, computer lab, and RecPlex) for the duration of the block.

All audits are not-for-credit; audited blocks do not count toward a Quest degree, nor can credit for them be transferred to another university.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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