Jonny Yu

Senior Admissions Counselor

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  • Where were you born?
    • I was born in Danville, California.
  • Why are you excited to work at Quest?
    • I am excited to connect students to an institution that truly values the student experience both in its prioritization of education and authentic community.
  • Your best college memory?
    • Those late-night McDonalds run… come on! #brainfood
  • One of your favourite books/movies, and why?
    • I grew up watching the Star Wars Saga and will never be convinced that it isn’t the Goat.
  • Favourite restaurant?
    • My favourite restaurant is either Chipotle or In-And-Out.
  • Favourite local activity?
    • Favourite Local activity has to be skiing at Whistler. There is nothing like it!
  • Advice for students?
    • My advice to students is to never compromise on who you are – be unapologetically authentic and be yourself.
  • In ten years, you see yourself?
    • In ten years I see myself running though the waist-high grass plains of Africa chasing a giraffe!
  • Random fact about yourself?
    • I competed as a junior Olympic athlete in water polo back when I lived in California… got to love those speedos 😉
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