Haby Ka

Admissions Counsellor - British Columbia

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Hometown: Louga, Senegal

After completing her studies in South Africa, Haby joined Quest as a student in 2018. She was drawn to Quest’s self-design learning model and the block plan, which allows students to study one course at a time.

Haby focused her studies on political philosophy and critical theory while pursuing the question: “what is freedom?”. Her keystone project investigates Hegel’s notions of subjectivity and freedom in the Phenomenology of Spirit and subsequent interpretations of Hegel’s work in the postcolonial discourse.

Haby also served as the student association president (QUSA) for two years. Her role involved working with various departments at Quest by implementing projects and initiatives that support student success. Some of these include funding student clubs, organizing cultural events, and advocating for students’ interests. During her free time, Haby enjoys painting, making crafts, and watching an unhealthy amount of reality TV shows.

As an admissions counsellor, Haby works closely with prospective students and parents by guiding them through the application process, providing one-on-one chats to answer questions, and providing any valuable Quest resource they may need. Her one piece of advice for students applying:
Don’t worry about not knowing what to study; tell your story and highlight your passions.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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