Entrance awards

We offer scholarships to students whose applications show they could make extraordinary contributions to Quest and beyond.

How to apply

You can access the entrance awards application on your SquareOne portal, after you have applied for admission. A single application will assess you for scholarships, awards, and bursary funding. You do not need to be admitted to apply for entrance awards.

Important Dates

Application opens October 1st
David Strangway Award for Excellence: deadline February 15
David Strangway Award for Excellence: notifications March 1
Application closes February 15 (Open after on a rolling basis)
Entrance awards notifications April 15

Award types

  1. David Strangway Award for Excellence
    1. Full-tuition for all four years.
    2. Canadian citizens/Canadian permanent residents
    3. The David Strangway Award for Excellence honours David Strangway, Quest’s founder, first president, first chancellor, and foremost, an exemplary educator. Dr. Strangway believed in the power of knowledge—“For all of the things I have learned and experienced in my life, it is a passion for challenge, for inquiry, for discovery, and for experiencing all that this incredible world has to offer, that has shaped who I am today.”
  2. Global Citizen Scholarship
    1. Up to $15,000/year
    2. Non-Canadian citizens/non-Canadian permanent residents
    3. This scholarship recognizes international students who have achieved a high level of academic merit and involvement of their community, regardless of financial need. Quest University seeks to create a community of students from around the world, fostering diversity and expanding geographic boundaries.
  3. Leaders in Elite Athletics and Performance (LEAP) Scholarship
    1. Up to $5,000/year
    2. Students who are admitted to Quest University’s LEAP program will automatically be considered for this scholarship.
  4. Quest Spirit Award
    1. Up to $4,000/year
    2. The Quest Spirit Award is offered in recognition of an individual who embodies the spirit of Quest—a person who is curious about their world and its complex problems, engages in their community to discover new ways of being and knowing across culture, and who aspires to take risks in pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
  5. International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship
    1. Up to $1,500/year
    2. Students who complete an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) will automatically be considered for this scholarship based on their final diploma score.
  6. Presidential Scholarship
    1. Up to $4,000/year
    2. Students who have a competitive GPA will automatically be considered for this scholarship.
  7. Quest University Bursary
    1. Quest University Bursaries (Need-based aid) are non-repayable funds awarded to students who demonstrate unmet calculated financial need.


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