Quest administers its own Bursary program, which provides grants to students who demonstrate assessed unmet financial need through a Quest bursary application process. To be considered and remain eligible for bursaries, students must apply prior to each standard academic year (fall/spring) or summer term (separate application) by the published deadlines.

How to Apply

Entrance Students: Applicants can access and submit their Bursary application on their Applicant Status Page after submitting their initial Quest application. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive separate instructions of the form after the applicant submits their personal information. The information from custodial and non-custodial parents will not be accessible between parents.

Priority is given to applications submitted by March 1.

Students are expected to utilize all available funding options to support their cost of attendance, including but not limited to family funds, government student aid programs, and student lines of credit. The availability of such funding options is a key consideration in the allocation of Bursary funds.

Please note that Quest does not provide resources to cover room, board, travel, and other fees. Students who enroll at Quest should be prepared to pay at minimum $15,000 per year.

Returning Students: The 2018-2019 (fall/spring) bursary application found on the Quest Portal is now closed. Returning students who missed the deadline may submit an application appeal request to financial.aid@questu.ca

The summer 2019 bursary application will be available on the Quest Portal later in the year.

There is no automatic renewal and bursary amounts awarded may fluctuate based on changes in student and family finances.

The limit for receiving a Quest bursary is up to 32 Blocks, up to and including graduation, so long as the lifetime limit of 32 Blocks is not exceeded. Enrolment must be in courses at Quest or a Quest-designated Exchange Partner. Quest bursaries are pro-rated, based on the number of eligible Blocks enrolled in.

Detailed information about Quest’s bursary policies, processes and terms are found in the Academic Calendar.

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