Bursaries are non-repayable funds awarded to students who demonstrate unmet financial need, which is assessed through an application process.

Quest administers its own bursary program, which provides non-repayable funds to students who demonstrate assessed unmet financial need through a Quest bursary application process. To be considered, students must apply prior to each standard academic year (fall/spring) or summer term (separate application) by the published deadlines.

There is no automatic renewal and bursary amounts awarded may fluctuate. Students receiving funding from government student aid programs, a student line-of-credit or a similar funding source to support their cost of attendance will be considered in greater financial need. Students are expected to use external funding options.

The limit for receiving a Quest bursary is up to 32 Blocks, up to and including graduation, so long as the lifetime limit of 32 Blocks is not exceeded. Enrolment must be in courses at Quest or a Quest designated Exchange Partner. Quest bursaries are pro-rated, based on the number of eligible Blocks enrolled in.

Detailed information about Quest’s bursary policies, processes and terms are found in the Academic Calendar.

How to Apply

Entrance Students: The 2018-2019 bursary application, when available, is found on the Quest website. The deadline for entrance students to apply is March 1. Entrance students may apply for a Quest Bursary after this deadline, but priority is given to those who submit by March 1.

Returning Students: The 2018-2019 (fall/spring) bursary application found on the Quest Portal is now closed. Returning students who missed the deadline may submit an application appeal request to financial.aid@questu.ca.

The summer 2019 bursary application will be available on the Quest Portal April 8–May 1, 2019.

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