Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

All students enroll in at least one Experiential Learning Block, and can take up to four.

The goal of Experiential Learning is to show you how your studies and skills can be used in the world. Experiential Learning helps you figure out what you want to do, prepares you for employment, and can give you an advantage if you want to pursue further studies.

Spend a Block interning for a business. Do volunteer work for a nonprofit. Take part in research. From painting to politics, from healthcare to social work, and from science labs to art studios, options abound.

Experiential Learning Blocks:

  • involve clear and measurable objectives
  • incorporate meaningful learning and work 
  • include learning about an industry or community
  • teach you how to be an active and responsible contributor 
  • help you develop life skills
  • foster personal growth
  • promote engagement and networking
  • provide cross-cultural exposure and learning, and allow for the exploration of the world

More information is available in the Academic Calendar.


Daniel Herrmann ‘17

how should we create Artificial General Intelligence?

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Bradley Klees ‘13

on volunteering with Islamic Relief

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Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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