Tse-Lynn Loh

Visiting Tutor (Marine Biology)

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PhD, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Tse-Lynn has more than 15 years of research experience in coral reefs and other tropical marine ecosystems in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Her research focuses on the intersection between human impacts and trophic interactions in marine biogenic habitats.

For her Ph.D. dissertation based at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Tse-Lynn conducted surveys across the Caribbean basin, with findings validating a recent conceptual model on trophic interactions stating that predatory fishes control sponge populations and community structure, such that overfishing impacts sponge-coral interactions. 

Tse-Lynn continued with large-scale projects for her postdoctoral tenure jointly based at the Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, and the University of British Columbia, taking on issues in fisheries and the wildlife trade by assessing the conservation status of seahorses in Southeast Asia. She has extensive experience with public outreach and citizen science, including co-founding a marine conservation organization in Singapore and developing a seahorse survey toolkit for non-scientists. 

She received her Ph.D. in Marine Biology in 2012 and completed her postdoctoral term in December 2015. Tse-Lynn currently works as a scientific editor when not teaching at Quest.

“The students make the Quest experience special with their enthusiasm and motivation for deep learning. They challenge me as much as I try to challenge them!”

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