Thor Veen

Life Sciences Tutor (Ecology and Evolution)


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MSc, University of Groningen
PhD, University of Groningen

Thor is an evolutionary ecologist who strives to help his students develop critical thinking skills while passing on his knowledge of the many facets of biodiversity, both in the classroom and in the field.

His research is focused on understanding the processes underlying biological diversity. One of the great aspects of biodiversity research is the range of questions that can be asked on topics from genetics to behaviour to physiology, and the variety of research methods and organisms available to tackle these questions. Thor’s work includes the study of mate choice and adaptation in crickets and the fascinating three-spined stickleback fish.

His interdisciplinary approach to science is reflected in his teaching, which includes courses in fieldwork techniques, behavioural ecology, science communication and statistics.

When not doing science work, Thor can be found outside, enjoying birding, climbing and skiing, while semi-seriously taking photographs of it all.

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