Shira Weidenbaum

Arts and Humanities Tutor (Literature and French)


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BA, Carleton College
MA, Yale University, MPhil, Yale University
PhD, Yale University

Shira teaches courses in the humanities, with specialties in literature, French, and the European Renaissance and Reformation. She also frequently teaches Rhetoric and loves helping students appreciate the value of drafts and revisions.

Two principal questions motivate Shira’s intellectual life: “What is the connection between fiction and reality?” And “What are minority voices and how are they heard?”

In her teaching, these questions translate into courses on authorship and women’s literature. In her research, they lead her to study propaganda and dialogue, especially during the French wars of religion, and involve an ongoing search for ways to encourage all students to develop their voice, in English and French.

A lifelong amateur musician, Shira spends a lot of her free time practicing piano. Nothing makes her happier than a class that’s willing to sing with her. She is also an avid swimmer, and dreams someday of being able to identify birdcalls and communicate in sign language.

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