Riley St Clair

Life Sciences Tutor (Neuroscience)


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BA, University of Montana
PhD, University of Vermont

Riley is constantly amazed by the intricacies of the nervous system and she is particularly fascinated by how the brain develops. Her research focuses on understanding how the cells of the nervous system migrate to their proper destination and form connections with the rest of the body. She has an interdisciplinary background in neurobiology, biochemistry and genetics and has used zebrafish and the nematode C. elegans as model systems in her research. In the classroom, she loves to finds creative ways to bring these model organisms into her teaching. She is motivated to make science concepts relevant and engaging to students with a wide range of interests.


As an advocate for a diverse, supportive community, Riley has been involved in programs to engage women and girls in STEM fields, as well as initiatives to combat barriers in research and education. She is also very passionate about community engagement and science communication. She hopes to spark a love for science in K-12 students while helping make education accessible for everyone. While in graduate school, she founded the BRAIN outreach program, which brings interactive neuroscience workshops to students living in rural areas. Through these various avenues, she aims to bridge the communication gap between research and public communities.


Riley was drawn to the unique student-centered learning culture at Quest University as well as the interdisciplinary curriculum which connects the arts and sciences to give students multiple perspectives. She is excited to work with Quest’s creative and motivated students on topics such as neurodevelopment, public engagement, and improving accessibility and equity in STEM.


In her free time, Riley enjoys being surrounded by nature and can be found in the mountains either biking, hiking, climbing or skiing.

Quest University Canada is suspending regular academic programming following
completion of the current academic year in April 2023.

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