Marjorie Wonham

Life Sciences Tutor (Biology)


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BA, Cambridge University
MA, Cambridge University
PhD, University of Washington

Marjorie demonstrated an interest in biology early in life, and once kept a bug collection in her parents’ freezer. She is passionate about teaching both in the classroom and in the field, and often incorporates student-driven research projects in her courses. She teaches introductory and advanced courses in biology as well as interdisciplinary courses in research methods, science communication, sustainability, and sexuality. She has also taught intensive field courses including at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in BC.

Her research focus includes biological invasions, marine zoology, and pedagogy. She combines empirical and mathematical approaches to investigate the success and impacts of invasive species, including diseases. Her current collaborative projects include designing a field course in Patagonia, exploring the marine biological content of Pablo Neruda’s Maremoto (Seaquake) collection, and developing new approaches to teaching the scientific method.

Previously, she worked as a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and served on a panel of the US National Research Council of the National Academies of Science. She also led the first trans-Atlantic ship-board study testing the effectiveness of ballast water exchange in reducing the risk of biological invasions.

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