Jim Cohn

Founding Tutor
Arts and Humanities (Literature)



BA, Dartmouth College
MA, University of Chicago
PhD, University of Chicago

Jim is one of Quest’s founding faculty members. He is the former Coordinator of the Arts and Humanities, and served five years as Quest’s Chief Academic Officer. Adept in the Socratic method of questioning students, and a passionate champion of the interdisciplinary liberal arts, Jim has led courses in mathematics, lab science, music, visual art, languages, and especially literature and philosophy.

As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in Toulouse, France and in Mainz, Germany. After graduation, he held a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Cologne, and later studied Russian in Moscow. While earning his PhD at the University of Chicago Jim attended the Committee on Social Thought, where he worked under the direction of Nobel laureate Saul Bellow and wrote his dissertation on Proust and Saint-Simon.

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