Andrew Hamilton

Physical Sciences Tutor (Physics)


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HBSc York University
MSc, University of Alberta
PhD, University of Alberta

Andrew is a physicist who believes that physics is simple. The tough part is finding the simplicity. In his research in particle physics, he attempts to explain our universe with a single underlying theory.

While completing his PhD, he worked on the CDF experiment at Fermilab, a US Department of Energy lab. Afterwards, he moved to the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and worked as a research associate on the ATLAS experiment at the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN). He spent six years at the University of Cape Town, where he built an ATLAS research group.

In the classroom, Andrew most enjoys the moment when a student suddenly sees the simplicity in a thing that once seemed complex. He believes that the responsibility of a teacher is to inspire curiosity in the student, then provide a platform for the student to explore that curiosity. An enthusiastic cyclist and runner, he believes that life can take you amazing places if you let it.

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